Are virtual worlds replacing the real world? Will we all now exist as ‘avatars’ online? Are we all going to have ‘virtual’ farms/pets/houses/clothes/friends/families/relationships???? If I refuse to join farmville, am I a techno-have not vis a vis the techno-haves? Are we going to have just one virtual doctor who can cure all ill & listen to all our psycho-babble without passing judgement? is that necessarily a good thing? How can touch ever be replaced? Is technology making people fat coz they spend too much time in front of their laptops & desktops? Maybe that’s why people want to live in ‘virtual’ worlds so that others don’t see what they’ve become and run away! But no machine can replicate a warm hug…or will that day be nearing as well. After all touch is only another electrical sensory function that is commanded by a supercomputer – our brain!! In any case the Japanese have already started creating these cool robots that do cool things… how long before these bots become commonplace? Is I-Robot a not too distant reality? and AI? I’m intrigued by these questions that dance about in my head. Are you thinking the same… sitting there at the other end in front of your computer staring at this blog!