Behti hawa sa tha woh…
I’m completely blown away by the movie. It reaches out in so many levels! So what if it got preachy but then conveying a message in those couple of hours usually needs some emphasis šŸ™‚
Hats off to the makers of the movie.. I’m a sucker for movies that take care of little details. Every actor in the movie should be given best actors’ award…even the junior artists who were there in the hospital scenes. Every little part was important & everything fit perfectly! It was played to perfection. Sigh.. It’s hard to get over this movie.
As far as credits etc go, I have a new found opinion on it. I feel both chetan bhagat & mr hirani should thank each other. CB for his amazing book & Mr Hirani for his awesome interpretation. Credit ka kya karna abhi – they are both happily lashing out at each other but at the end of the day we the viewers have both to thank! It’s rare to have an awesome version of a book in film & it’s awesome for a writer to be so kind to sell his rights to his already well known book! Two awesomely creative people should now stop fighting..make up and spreadthe looove… By having all this tiff-baazi they are both going against the fundas that they portray in the book & movie! Ab to chodo na yaar… Aal iz well that endz well šŸ™‚

p.s. This is purely my opinion which is also subject to last minute changes šŸ˜€