So I watched the much awaited ‘Phir Mile Sur’ on youtube as I couldnt find it being played in any of the indian channels aired in UK. 17 minutes video full of celebrities! And after watching all of it I found myself wondering… hmmm..where are the Kathakali danccers? Odissi? Manipuri? Why wasn’t Lata Mangeshkar in the video? Why is Deepika Padukone wearing a western outfit? Whatever happened to Hrithik Roshan…if Shahid Kapoor was there, shouldn’t Hrithik have definitely been there? Only one Kapoor? Why wasn’t Jaya Bachan in the video? What about our PM? Sachin Tendulkar??? Shilpa Shetty is not even from Rajasthan! There seemed to be over representation of some peoples & no representation of others! Why were the shots of the sportsperons & the armed forces hurriedly squashed into the last minute of the song? The music arrangement in this new video is good & interesting but I have a feeling it will raise more negatives. Of course it was great to see the new faces that define Bollywood today. It was actually quite hysterical to see Shahrukh Khan do his classic arms wide open act looking a little like the sick man from his movie Kal Ho Na Ho!

The old video though rules hands down!!!!! I love the Bharatbala productions video…each & every one of them as apart from the fact that they were stunning, they also were heartwarming and made one feel patriotic and proud to be Indian!
The new video left me feeling a little sad…left me wanting to see the old video. so I did that & my faith has been restored. Hopefully next time we’ll get to see a better video!