So I arrive this eveinng after work & lo behold, I see a big fat package lying outside my door. I was really excited hoping it’d be some great new book that had been secretly ordered or perhaps a surprise anniversary gift..maybe someone was feeling generous & packed a whole stash of cash in a pretty blue box. But no… it was a big fat two big fat catalogues from the NEXT store! How much do these stores spend on such publications… I hadn’t even asked for it. Can you imagine what a wasted effort & such a waste of paper & ink! So while I was lamenting over it, I flicked through the pages and then the evil plan of the catalogue makers started coming into effect… ooooh nice table lamp… hmmm not that expensive… wow what a pretty toilet brush holder… did i really need a chrome finish one? And maybe I can change the curtains in the living room… what a bargain… you see I was slowly getting sucked into it! It didn’t stop there. I opened the clothing catalogue & my eyes glazed over. I’m not much of a shopper but I felt the latent shopper in me stir… I absolutely must have that orange green dress with those 6 inch heeled patent leather boots! What was going on… it took the ringing of my phone to snap out of the hypnotic trance of these books. I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever buy those items but everytime I see those books, the idea tempts me. And as you can see I haven’t put those books out for recycling šŸ˜€