Kids say some amazing things… And it’s so hard to keep a straight face when they are doing so.
I was sitting next to a mother of twin girls in cute red hoodies in the bus. The twins were having an elaborate discussion about their day at school and about how they didn’t like to fight as it made them cry in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚
One of the red hooded twin said – we made posters today at school.
Mom – what was it about.
Little Red hoodie- it was on how to get information.
Mom- thts nice (I thought that was nice too considering they were probably just 5-6 year olds). So what did you make?
Little red hoodie – television…. Maps… And bells! (did she just say bells…? Okay…that has my somewhat adult mind wondering!!)
Mom – bells? And by now everyone in the bus has smiled plastered on their faces probably thinking…etc etc.
Well little hoodie explains – you see when you ring the bell, someone answers the door & you can get information. And when the school bell rings you know if school has started or if it’s time to go home!! So bells give information.:-)
of course that was brilliant & she was adoreable. I loved it and I’m so thankful I was there when this happened!

KEEP SMILING coz u look soooo sweet when you do.