A million moments ago, in the quaint and the then super-congested city of Calcutta (not Kolkatta), we were a bunch of 10 super noisy and sometimes a little OTT classmates. We wouldn’t have made sense any other way. Well, we thought it would be so cool if we studied a bit of Astronomy! You see the Planetarium in the city used to host short courses for enthusiasts like I dare say, ourselves. So we signed up and hot friend’s beau whom we shall call B, as well. He probably thought it’d be a good way of spending time with hot friend. hehehe And so it began – our evening classes at the planetarium. The planetarium is really beautiful inside and I highly recommend it to anyone who even remotely wants to have a surreal experience without having to go to watch Avatar in IMAX in 3D! 🙂
So we had this professor who I think was teleported out of a Bollywood classic from the 40’s perhaps. The first couple of sessions went well I guess. Of course we weren’t the best of pupils one could ever have had either. We played knots & crosses across the table and got lots of dirty looks from the professor. I don’t blame him. I was constantly yapping with B while my poor hot friend was trying hard to understand the November constellations as hard as she could. And then one of the classes, our professor said – ‘looook at da horaaiijuns… ????!!!’ and we all squinted trying to look at the imaginary horizon… looked all kinda blurry then :-p And then by the third class, B & self got reprimanded for our occasional outbursts of giggles and murmuring when class was on. So we tried to behave as much as we could avoiding the crazy giggles every time the Proff said horaijuns!! Just before the end of the 3rd class, the good proff announced -” naext beek be shaal do calcoolus(next week we shall do calculus)…” whattttt?!!! Calculus…no no no no way… I couldn’t solve seventh grade algebra so calculus was a far cry. The word itself vaguely reminded me of Professor Calculus from all the Tintin comic books I’ve read. Then and there decision was made…I wasn’t going back to the class…ever…never. I dropped out of class faster than go! And that was that… the astronomies was aal in the horaijun for me.
I still love gazing at stars and looking out for meteors and shooting stars and strange unidentified(to me) objects in the night sky but I couldn’t be doing calculus anywhere near the horaijun anytime soon!!