I have butterflies flitting inside my head at this moment – strange purple coloured ones! Through the course of the day, the mind went through zillions of thoughts – some were plain slapstick… like when I thought how funny would it be if I walked into a glass door! Maybe I’ll do it twice and someone will capture the moment and I shall be immortalised in youtube forever. The crying kid in the tube this morning made me want to do a little funny dance for him with lots of crazy hand movements – sadly there wasn’t even enough space to move my hands about in any direction as the coach was jam-packed. We must’ve been at least 60 people in there trying to get to work or wherever. It’s easy to maintain one’s balance inside such crowded spaces as there’s no where you can really fall & there are enough people to cushion the fall as well! The mother of the child looked really glum – must’ve been all the airline food she ate or didn’t eat on her way to London. Or perhaps the volcanic ash cloud cancelled her marvy plans for the holiday.

OOoh the volcanic ash cloud…now that’s some news to hear this morning. Flights across the UK & Ireland had to be cancelled because of it. Someone had posted pictures of the ash cloud over Manchester but sadly the link wouldn’t open. I was just curious about it’s appearance. How would one differentiate between regular clouds and ash cloud?! The next few days better be regular cloudless because the MET office says that the ash cloud will lead to some spectacular sunsets in this region. Someone said something about a purple sunset & a blue moon! Sadly the moon is only about 5-10% visible over next few days so the moon thing isn’t really going to happen. Oh well, this too happens once in a blue moon (bad zoke naaa hehehe).
The volcanic eruption happened day after there was a 6.9 Richter scale earthquake in Qinghai in western China. Earthquakes are occurring more frequently over western China – wonder why! Have the Chinese invented a new earthquake making super weapon & are testing it out? Or perhaps it’s some other super-power doing that… oooohhhh conspiracy theory! Or is it just the beginning of signs leading to the 2012 Mayan prophecy…oooohhhhh
Loony loopy thoughts!
The butterfly just turned into lilies & then into wallpaper – what to do with this hyperactive imagination of mine.
I watched part of Oprah’s interview with Stephanie Myers (Twilight fame) and Myers speaks of how she got the inspiration for her book. It was in her dreams. Perhaps I should take some inspiration from this as well. I remember most of my dreams and they are just as loopy and sometimes play out like a movie! They can be dramatic with me climbing mountains, flying an airplane, a car, sometimes a cycle – lots of different modes of transport – I highly recommend not trying to analyse my dreams. I wonder how many people remember their dreams.
On that note, I end for today…still wondering… still looking at silvery butterfly images against a deep turquoise backdrop… nice!