She thought he was too uptight for his own good. He thought she needed
discipline. She loved to dance barefeet sometimes all by herself
letting the music carry her away. He loved to read about things that
mattered like politics, economics and sometimes he delved in
psychology. She never thought a man like him could sway her heart! He
never imagined a woman like her could make him want to go head over
heels! When they met, she wondered why he was so reserved. He couldn’t
understand her random rattles. But in moments of silence, their hearts
seemed to reach out to one another. Their eyes locked gently &
lovingly. They danced together laughing & sighing sometimes. She
touched him & he held her. They were in love despite themselves with
each other. They both loved dogs & horses. They loved watching sunsets
& sunrises and they shared a common love for nature. So they got
married to each other.

She was busy creating a home for them. He was
busy earning a living. She waited for him for dinner. He waited for
board meetings to get over. She was beginning to feel a little alone
as he was beginning to feel too tired to respond. She got upset that
he didn’t have time for her. He got upset that she didn’t realise that
he was doing it for their future. One fine day, she was distant. He
was distant. He didn’t hold her. She didn’t touch him. Their love was
just beginning to wither. She went to her parents’ home for a holiday
where she would be considered important. He went to more board
meetings where he was considered important. They had never been apart
for this long! She wasn’t happy being apart from him. He was trying
desperately not to miss her. After all she chose to go for a
‘holiday’. Her mother gave her an album filled with wedding photos.
His mother called him to tell him that he didn’t sound happy these days.
She picked up the phone to call him. He picked up the phone to call
her. They were disheartened to find the phone lines busy. Her heart
filled up & so did her eyes. Was this a sign that things were ending but she still loved him
so much! His heart filled up and he made another desperate attempt to
call her. This time it went through. Hearing her quavering voice, he
choked up. Please come back he said. She agreed. She went back. When
he saw her, his heart soared. He held her in a tight embrace. She
touched his face. They had missed each other so much.
Three months later she fell sick. The doctor just laughed sweetly at them. They
were going to have a baby! She glowed. He was delirious with
happiness. 9 months went by. On the night their little one was about
to be born, she told him that he must teach their baby to love the way
he taught her how to love. That he must stay happy so that he could
teach their baby to be positive. He smiled and said that they’d teach
baby together. The little baby boy was born a little after midnight.
It was a difficult delivery and a lot of blood was lost from her. She
saw the baby and smiled. She saw her husband smiling in tears. That’s
what stayed in her eyes when she shut them forever.
10 years later, he sat at her favourite sofa. Little boy was looking
at his father and asked him why he had tears in his eyes. He said how
much he missed his love. Little boy said that she would want him to be
happy. The young father agreed as he held his son in tight embrace
looking at his beloved’s photo smiling at them sweetly.