Music can reach out to people in ways unexpected & unknown. I love Indian folk music more than I can understand/like classical music. There’s an earthy informality to it that seems to be accessible to all and sundry whenever and wherever which is lacking in the strict and formal confines of classical music. There have been few amazing bands that incorporate folk music into their own. Just when I was beginning to miss Euphoria and Indian Ocean, out comes The Raghu Dixit Project(we like to refer to the band as RDX sometimes)! The first time I heard them play I was blown out of my mind. OMG how what where when…etc etc these weird thoughts were bouncing happily in my head and god only knows how many people I called up back in India to get me the CD of their music! I did finally get hold of it online.
We’ve been to 2 of the bands’ performances in London and it’s been an awesome experience each and every time. Really looking forward to more of their performances!!!!
I’m sharing some of their photos and also the link to their performance in the London Mela.