Years have passed and dreams have moulded themselves differently as I had once expected them to be

My mission to Pluto seems to be just as far away and the dogs in my old neighborhood still run astray

Children are still dying from unheard diseases across the globe for a vaccine I never did invent to cure all human ailments
I haven’t yet learnt how to drive a car properly let alone a Boeing 747
and the fuel industry still burns the planet for the wonder fuel that I never created
No Grammy or Oscar award sits on my mantlepiece looking adoringly at me
and no accolades for having discovered a new plant or animal species
And despite all that I’ve learnt a million things that I can’t even understand for real
These learnings & gifts can’t be found in things material…
To treat people kindly and love with all my heart and that in Gods eyes all are equal…
for the earthquake and the tsunamis don’t spare the rich, the poor, the beautiful or the ugly!
I’ve learnt that pain doesn’t spare anyone but I can choose to handle it differently
That happiness is only a state of mind as much is sorrow
That the night always will be followed by tomorrow…
That everyone only really wishes to be loved and accepted so that they can learn & grow