It’s my older nephews birthday today & we nicknamed him Tintin as he graced this planet on the date that one of the most famous & loved private detective Tintin also celebrates his birthday. The comic character has been our family’s favourite ever since we first laid our eyes on the first Tintin comic book or graphic novel as they are now called. And the same goes for my nephew… we all just fell in love with him from the first moment. He’s 11 now & I find it so amazing that so many years have passed. He used to be the most adorable baby with his little button nose and his cute mannerisms. Today he’s a strapping 5′ 6” tall and as awkward as any pre-teenager can be. He may not hug us as much anymore or respond to all our strange cutesy weird nicknames we call him but he will always be the first whom we all fell in love with.
Sourab Banerjee, we love you so much.
And then Mihir came soon after Sourab… and now its hard to decide who was a cuter baby… Mihir is like cherry pie, ice-cream, honey & cream… oh dear…  I love my nephews 🙂
Happy Birthday Sourab for 10th January & Mihir for 21st January!!!!

Love… Always.