Some families are enormous, some are really small
but no matter what size, its the same for them all!

Families are dads, that frown & say – we didn’t do such things back in the days..
that shirts too bright… the skirt’s far too tight
now give me the name of the people with whom you are going out tonight!’

Families are moms, who flap & fuss, ‘Hurry up, get ready or you’ll miss the school bus!
Straighten your tie, tidy your hair…
how come you always have nothing decent to wear!’

Families are brothers, who taunt & tease,
and stand up for you against all the bullies…
They think they are bigger & better than you
and far more important are the things that they need to do!

Families are sisters who share all your things…
your clothes, your shoes, your books, CDs & earrings…
They use all your perfume & wear your jeans even if they are tight..
and will always stay up with you all through a heart broken night!

And as time passes & the families continue to grow
The story remains pretty much the same wherever we go…
I’m lucky to have a family as huge as it is
And each year there’s always someone more to add to the family list!