I’m listening to a lovely melody and the prospect of  moving house next week seems somewhat daunting. Two years ago we moved to this lovely house & it brought us so much happiness. We are leaving this house with a sad heart and more things than we came into the house with. I’ll miss the garden especially the 2 rose climbers that produce the most spectacular blossoms. And the living room where many friends have sat with us and enjoyed a meal, a conversation, a laugh & few tears as well. 
It’s time now to pack up all the things and the memories and set forth on a new journey and make new memories. This house will always be special though… more than any other we’ve lived in. Every phase of our life we seemed to have moved from one house to the other. The 3 bedroom gorgeous apartment in Mumbai with its enormous windows where we started our journey as man & wife… and then the small 1 bedroom flat in London where we learned how to survive in this big city! Then moved on with a bump to this loooovely 3 bed house where we learned about each other and loved each other a little more. Through this last phase we learnt how much our friends mean to us & how much we meant to each other as well through all the tough & jubilant times as well. 
I guess its time to move on. Don’t know what the future holds and what new phase is about to begin but I’m feeling pretty excited at the prospect of living 2 minutes away from one of the biggest parks in London! And as the banner says… keep calm & carry on. And its apt – as in with its regalia etc., as we are moving the weekend of the Royal wedding!