We live in a minuscule pale dot in the universe fighting for every minuscule inch of terra firma & every resource. Every drop of water precious & each millimeter of land essential. We don’t have anywhere else to go or won’t find another place for god knows how long… & if we do who’s to say if the inhabitants of that planet would like aliens to invade their home! We certainly don’t seem to like the idea ourselves…we can’t have anyone invade our houses let alone an entire planet.
There’s immense beauty & equal amounts of destruction amidst us. Only one species equivocally has stressed this giant rock & water mass so much that it has made extinct several species of flora & fauna. And strangely enough this species has also been blessed with this intelligence to recreate or clone all the species that are dead and gone. Despite all this intelligence & awareness there are few amongst this populace who are so blinded with their beliefs that they never realise how short this life time really is to be fighting these bloody wars & how fragile this system really is.
If we could all at least once a day take the time to sit back and look at how insignificant the rat race is..how mundane the madness for material wealth.. How futile the mindless illusion of power! None of it is going to travel with you to wherever once you’re dead & gone and your body is fertilising the earth or turned into ashes and we will all become part of the earth again.