I watched this endearing short film yesterday and I can’t help think that there’s just tremendous opportunity & talent sitting unutilised in Manipur! Kudos to the makers & the dancers 🙂


FindingTheVoices is proud to release the Manipuri Documentary Movie “Alternative Dancer”, a short 20 minutes documentary movie showing insights of the young minds in Manipur bringing out their voice in their journey of dancing in Manipur.

Alternative Dancer centres round a passionate yearning of some young enthusiasts about a new style of dancing. Their inspirations drew mainly from YouTube and Movies which were their sole tutors. Considering the importance of cultural values, these young and energetic dancers are searching for creative ways to heighten the peculiarity of such artistic moves with their remarkable feat and ingenuity. The dancers are looked disdainfully by people and misjudged them as drug abusers ignoring their spirited effort against all odds and humble beginning without proper infrastructure. It is a story of their dreams, struggles and hopes.

A Smashed Fly presentation with Cinematography, Edited, Produced & Directed Akee Sorokhaibam

Direction Teams

Irom Singthoi


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