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song 1: “Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli…” : Its an old bollywood song that speaks about the riddle of life. its beautiful & meaningful. Life how beautiful you are..sometimes you make us laugh & sometimes you make us cry…the ones who are with us through thick and thin and the ones who are there for your every whim..the dreamer, the lover, the poet, the writer…everyone with their dreams someday will flow away to a place beyond those dreams.

song 2: “chingda saatpi ingelei” : A manipuri song. Kind of hard to pronounce but it describes a beautiful flower which is much revered in Manipur(India). it grows up in the mountains and its hard to get to. it’ll probably never adorn a woman’s hair as it blooms in silence in a mystical place. only the wind can reach it & only the wind can play with it or cause it to be separated from the stalk. oh how envious one feels of the wind that has the privilege of being with you, o beautifil Ingelei. Beautiful forever and unattainable as always.

song 3: “chhoro kal ki baatein”… translated it means leave behind the words that describe yesterday as it has already passed. A hindi film song with a lovely message indeed. Its a new generation, a new time, and its time to bring in new hope and dreams too. Let the past be. lets move ahead with progressive thoughts. after all who’s really going to remember what you thought about in the past..the deeds that were done are remembered and the actions you do today to create the present and future are all that matter. 

I’m a bit surpried that I chose regional songs or non-english songs to write about but these are the ones that popped right up when i read about the theme. The most challenging post I’ve ever written but this is perhaps just the beginning. Bring it on I say!!