First day… first post… possibly… maybe. I might not be in the best state of mind these days thanks to the onset of hayfever which is making my world a very itchy place indeed.

Writing helps me express what I can’t do vocally. Sometimes too many thoughts cluster together making it hard to say much & I land up in tears as I’m overwhelmed. So I must write to vent, to rant or to opine. At times I try to have a logical argument but that too goes down with waterworks. At times I cry not because I’m upset or sad, I cry coz I can’t hold so much of anger. My head doesn’t allow anger beyond seething point. Sometimes I hear a familiar song or the weather is a certain way & I feel the urge to write. Smells play a big part in most of my writing. Smells can trigger vast seas of memories & once again I find myself putting own to paper. I’m enamoured by the nostalgia of my own memories. And so I write…

I hope I can keep up with the posts.