Today’s assignment: Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind.

My experience in the tube today!

I’m suffering from hayfever at the moment so I carry few packs of tissue, a relief balm and eye drops. I like the tube journey to and from work.

I walked into the last train compartment and I saw a few people reading books and some staring into space. It had been a hot afternoon and the lull of the heat had somehow permeated the passengers on the train. The lemon juice I was drinking was beginning to sour and the condensation was dripping off the plastic glass. As the train was chugging along, I noticed the lady sitting in front of me was wearing a dress with the most striking blue, red and green print. I couldn’t look away for a while. The elderly lady sat clutching her purse and her shopping bags close to her chest. A teenager was listening to a song over his headphones who’s beats could be heard very clearly as he leaned on the pole next to my seat.  After two stations passed, a young man came rushing into the compartment. He was dressed in a purple suit that had a brown breast pocket with a pink kerchief sticking out of it. He had a brown moustache which covered most of his face. He plonked himself next to me and started to read the sports section of the free newspaper thats available at all tube stations. He was smiling and looked very happy with himself which is the most emotion I had seen on that compartment today! And then it happened… My eyes twitched and I thundered a sneeze! This man sitting next to me jumped right out of his seat and slipped himself on the seat on the other end of the row. I wanted to say something to him but I just mumbled and looked away not knowing whether I should be embarrassed or put off by this reaction.

He jumped off at the next stop but it left an emotion behind that I’ve still not comprehended.