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I think I’ve been writing a lot about a particular time from the past where we were living in this fab flat in Kolkata. This is definitely a continuation of sorts. Perhaps some part of me is still there! The writing 101 challenge has definitely brought up a lot of the memories and its also served up ready inspiration. Today as part of Writing 101, I’d like to tell you about finding something.

It was encased in a lovely cream envelope. I found it at my parents’ place the last time I was there. A fat wad of papers filled with colour literally and in words too…a letter from my childhood friend Ritz! It was 9 pages long and written on both sides. I do wish I had taken a photo of it or brought it back with me. This one was dated some time in 1998 and she described her week in great detail. We loved writing to each other and that was the best way we could stay in touch before emails were common and phone calls expensive. Oh yes..no mobile phones either. She’s incredibly talented currently teaching in a renowned architecture school in India and her creativity knew no bounds.

I first met her on her way back from school and it was then that I realised we lived in the same building. It was a short conversation but after that we met almost everyday… we became inseparable..best friends! Our mothers became used to us having our meals at each others place and my place was the hotspot where both of us along with our largish gang would get up to lots of mischief. Once we startled a young man wooing the local beauty so badly that he almost fell off the scooter! We thought it was funny and didn’t really care about the possible consequence. We comforted each other through all our heartaches, heart breaks and cheered on every achievement and she was a high achiever no doubt. Before we knew it though it was time to part ways for her father had been transferred to another town. All of 15 and overwhelmed by the sudden parting of ways, we stayed in touch through letters. She wrote the most beautiful letters both in words and in pictures. She also regularly sent cards hand painted by her! I used to really look forward to those letters.

I found myself a friend who’s probably the one person who knows me better than any other friend and that too without being judgmental, back in that 1st storey flat where god only knows how many more memories are awaiting to be unlocked. I’m so getting them back with me the next time I go to India.