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We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.

Today’s twist: Write this post in a distinct style from your own.

“I’m walking down the pavement towards the bus stop. Its a rainy day which means I really shouldn’t have bothered to put on all this make up for work. By the time I reach work, my hair’s going to resemble a frizz ball too! Oh well…here comes the bus. That car’s a little bit too fast. Not a good idea on such a slippery road! Oh shiiiiitttt…that skid looks awful… the bus…watch out… the bus is swerving. Its heading towards the bus stop a bit too fast onto the pavement… Oh no… this wasn’t meant to happen…..

I wake up to the smell of bleach. Oh shucks why did I pass out… I’m late for work now! My manager isn’t going to be happy. But wait..wasnt I watching the bus heading towards the stop…AAAAHHH Whats that awful pain in my shoulder! Why can’t I touch my shoulder? My heads spinning too fast! Why can’t I touch my head either! Where’s my hand??? Where’s my… its covered in bandages or is that my hand at all? I hear a familiar voice telling me to breathe slowly… breathe breathe breathe at the count 1 2 3 4… I look up at the bewildered expression of m spouse. He’s fighting the tears I think. OH MY GOD… no right hand I can see??!!! I can’t see very well through the thick tears… I can’t see very well near the door of this white room either! He tells me don’t worry…it’ll be okay. we’ll be fine he says…is he telling me or himself I really can’t tell anymore…

I wake up this time acutely aware of the pain shooting up my spine. I try to scream but no voice comes splurging out! I look around but I don’t know where I am… Where am I? What’s going on? What’s with all the odd blue lighting? What’s that buzzing sound? I knew my right hand wasn’t there anymore so I reached out with my left and accidentally touched a hand!!!! I screamed a silent scream again only to see that the hand was mine… what!!! my hand is back! That horrid buzzing sound again… I can’t see the floor or a ceiling! Whats this place? Wires everywhere… man-made objects but no man or woman… I feel alone with my pain and my new hand! I close my eyes to make sense of it all amidst the fear welling up inside that I’m not alive perhaps…”

Thats the sum total of all the fears in one nightmare!