Love was ripped out from the heart of a 6 year old;

She lives in fear of everyone apart from her parents…

Will anyone really convince her that there are good people out there?

Love was erased from the bosom of a believer;

As he lays spread in little pieces over a large area…

Will you ever know if he got to the promised land?

Love  was taken away from the arms of a bride

Her groom far away fighting a fierce war…

His boxed body makes her wonder who’s war is it really?

Love was bartered from a young man 

He’s forced to tie the knot to save his family’s honour…

Will they ever know that he can’t love a woman so?

Love was burned alive from two hearts

The elders said they didn’t believe in the same God…

Didn’t these elders a while ago preach with a certain gusto

that there was God within us all? 

Where is the love? 

Where has the kindness gone?

When was killing children not wrong?

Where is the Love?

Where is good sense disappearing?

For the sake of power, now humanity is suffering.