Spontaneous combustion that’s what it was when their eyes met… his soul couldn’t look away as her eyes melted into his being. Every touch welded them deeper into each other. Their love soldered into their beings and they burned like a supernova. They were meant to be. 

Time took its toll and their love burned into their souls very deeply. They wanted to be together but the longer they stayed together, the more they became afraid of turning into ash. 

They moved away slowly and as they moved away, their fires dimmed and left deep scars. Pain and sadness tore them farther away as other candles started to flame up around them flickering and rekindling reminiscent passions. 

Little did they know that they were meant to burn up and become one as they turned into ash…neither recognisable or differentiated from either…as one. 

So they smouldered away this life time looking at each other’s light from a distance and their scars stayed a reminder to how they flamed each other’s passions and loves once. 

Perhaps another life time… This isn’t their time. Their fire too intense yet not deep enough to keep each other warm.