Sitting down to type a few words today. It’s been a long time since words rolled out from my mind and on to paper… well not paper but on type. It feels like I’ve been through a lot since the last time I actually put my thoughts down anywhere.

There’ve been more than enough times when my thoughts couldn’t escape my mind but there was so much waiting patiently behind an almost ephemeral veil. Some emotions were hard to handle and I do wish I had written it all down so that it would’ve been out of my system in some way. Some were just random musings that deserved the light of day and some were darker than I’d have liked them to be. But I think it’s time for these thoughts to be unleashed as my head can only contain that much. Lols.

Today I don’t have a specific agenda. I could’ve written about the great panini of a pandemic we went through and how grateful I am that people whom I love so much have been spared the horrors of the virus. I can write about the year before the panini (yes I like to call it that !) when without the slightest clue about what was about to hit us was such a beautiful year filled with so many wonderful travels. I wanted to write about those too and the wonderment of having baby number 2. All of that dissolved into the panini years and despite its dreariness and the fearful times, I gained some amazing things too. I learned about Children’s Books’ illustrations and realised how much I love to interpret stories with art. I also published a book with a young author!

Coming out of the panini years of course I was hit by something unexpected and that was related to my health. I had to really grapple with the idea that I might not be able to practise or do the one thing I love the most – my art! Silent tears in quiet rooms ensued but that was overtaken by the sudden loss of my father in law. What a man he was! I miss him and though I don’t say it out loud much or share that, I know he leaves me little messages every now and then and for that I feel very blessed.

I hope to overcome the health issues so that I can spring back into action with my art. At this moment it’s a slow and painful sludge of a movement into doing art. Oh well… this too shall pass. I’m certain of it.

Meanwhile, I return quietly to the world of words to share once again all the things I enjoy sharing. I shall block out the writers block in the interim.

If you do read this, I’ll be posting every week from now on.