Brave men they were who went to war

to fight for freedom in many a land so far

they would bring back hope & victory for their nation

the nation would celebrate them in grateful exultation

and then there were those who never came back

who’s sacrifices bore heavy on their comrades sack

their hopes and dreams interred in lands far away

their lives that were short but every minute held sway

they left behind hearts heavy in grief

their memories forever even if meetings were brief

when the wars were on, there were brave women too

who sacrificed for themselves as well for me & for you

they left their aprons & ladles back in their homes

they made tanks and machines and even bombs

they carried the weight of iron on their nimble feet

along with the weight of their babies heartbeats

it doesn’t matter if you are from here or across seven seas

never forget the sacrifices they made so that we may live in peace