Such an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia,

a longing of the familiar little streets & lanes of a home I once used to call my own, a feeling that its all gone & slipped away…

I don’t want to hold on to them in a way that I want them to stay the same

but sometimes I find myself remembering such moments.

Its such a bitter sweet aching, it squeezes my heart & pours out from my eyes.

Its not really helping that I’m listening to some really gentle and sweet music.

The rhythms take me through to dancing figures moving in perfect tandem with the music…

it weaves its way through temple corridors of a culture well preserved for generations,

of shady tree lined roads in a city that will be my final resting place,

passing & crossing bridges that have enthralled me with the rivers they cross,

with the boats that seem to carry people form one realm to another sometimes gently and sometimes through turbulent currents…

I hold these moments gently in my heart & let them go so that theres room for more memories to be created

but ever so often when i read a book, or hear a tune, or watch the rain

these seemingly insignificant moments come back & steal a tear from my eyes