Ban Krill Oil!!! 

Its shocking to see the amount of krill being fished in the Antarctic region. Watching Hugh’s Fish Fight last night I was sickened at the manner on which krill was being fished in the southern oceans. Scooped up by the millions, these tiny crustaceans form an integral and perhaps the most important part of the aquatic food chain. Whole ecosystems exist because of them and how foolish of the fishermen in charge of this to think that by fishing them for oil & fish-feed, we are introducing the world to a new form of potent medicine! They seem to have absolutely no insight or foresight to see the damage they are doing.

Its so warped! Buy the krill oil because you aren’t getting enough nutrition apparently so that the fish that survive on it die & maybe you’ll need more krill oil as you wont have fish left to eat as their stocks deplete from wasteful and over-fishing and lack of food. Oh yes the amount of money you spend on the krill oil will buy you a weeks’ worth of vegetables which will perhaps give you the nutrition anyways but what the heck. Consume the krill oil because it sounds so cool. Whale of a time you can have consuming it..woohooo! And we are already depleting fish stocks across the globe so lets just add another species to this list. 

First the Greedies up in the Arctic drill oil & down in the south pole they kill krill for oil! This slimy whole thing gives me such a sinking feeling 😦 Yes, this has really irked me and I urge people to stop buying krill oil…please pretty please. There’s plenty of food out there to consume that will give you the right kind of nutrition. Eat right & buy right! Imagine if the amount of money, energy and technology used in the fishing of krill had been used to create more sustainable forms of fishing… Imagine that! 

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