Patchwork quilts have always fascinated me, more for the amount of time & effort it takes to create them so the idea of making one myself did seem a bit monumental in the beginning. But then again I really wanted to do something special for A&N’s new arrival, their first born. So in between looking after my 8 month old and the house in general, I managed to put together this little quilt. By the time it was done my little one was 10 months old and A&N’s little one only a few weeks away. We didn’t know the gender of the baby so I opted for neutral colours. 
The finishing isn’t as perfect as I’d have wanted it to be but I loved making it; loved putting together all the pieces, stitching them and putting in little blessings with the completion of every stage of the sewing. 
A&N’s little one arrived few days ago & I hope she feels the warmth every time she uses this little piece of love. 
 Piecing it together
 Got really stuck at this point!
Almost there!
Voila! Its done. 
With love & many blessings.