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A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry.

Man: Why isn’t it sunny today? I wish I had taken the time to buy a proper suit. This jacket is a bit too casual for the occasion. Nobody is going to notice who’s wearing what. Maybe Anila will…she’s weirdly observant. That one time she pointed out that one of Sumi’s living room sofas had some yarn hanging off the bottom left leg. Who sees this stuff… yup… Anila! I wonder if Rakesh will be there too? Next time he leaves for Delhi, he should take Anila along. It’ll do her some good. These Army wives I tell you… So grateful Sush is with me today. 35 years on, she still looks glamorous! I love the way her hands feel but if I tell her that she’d think me a wuss. They feel just like how Adi’s hands used to feel when he was a little boy. He had a red sweater just like the one that old lady is knitting… I wonder if she’s noticed the rains about to pour down! Oh Adi… Why did you leave us? If only you had joined the Army instead of the Air Force… Those bloody MIG-21s…

Woman: Darn this weather! Bitch of a wind this is! Who holds a memorial in a park for a fighter pilot?! Why do I have to attend? There should be a rule stating mothers not allowed! Sunny’s hands feel weird today. He should’ve worn a suit but I don’t blame him. Who cares… Adi won’t be here to adjust his tie anyway. Why didn’t he just pursue medicine?!! Darn! And why is that old lady knitting in the park… thats such a sweet little sweater though. Adi used to have one just like that. He’d have probably sat down with the old lady & started a conversation. Darn… darn this day… darn the freaking weather…darn.. darn everything!!!

Old lady: Finally out in the fresh air and I’ll get this sweater done by the evening. I made one for your mother O little one when she was still in my belly! How time flies… Maybe I should use some white wool too. Look at that couple… Oh my..tears in a grown man’s eyes… I’d cry too if I was married to that snarly looking woman!