That letter….


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It said – “My darling… We will finally see each other for the first time on 6th June in front of the village temple. Please wear a pink rose in your hair. With love.”

What a rush of adrenalin as I scurried to the temple hopeful to find the writer & the receiver.

I found a lady with a pink rose in her hair sobbing quietly at the base of the temple stairs whilst she looked at the photo of the musician who lost his life last night in a car crash. I overheard someone say that he was upset that he wasn’t able to post his letter on time.

3 songs


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song 1: “Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli…” : Its an old bollywood song that speaks about the riddle of life. its beautiful & meaningful. Life how beautiful you are..sometimes you make us laugh & sometimes you make us cry…the ones who are with us through thick and thin and the ones who are there for your every whim..the dreamer, the lover, the poet, the writer…everyone with their dreams someday will flow away to a place beyond those dreams.

song 2: “chingda saatpi ingelei” : A manipuri song. Kind of hard to pronounce but it describes a beautiful flower which is much revered in Manipur(India). it grows up in the mountains and its hard to get to. it’ll probably never adorn a woman’s hair as it blooms in silence in a mystical place. only the wind can reach it & only the wind can play with it or cause it to be separated from the stalk. oh how envious one feels of the wind that has the privilege of being with you, o beautifil Ingelei. Beautiful forever and unattainable as always.

song 3: “chhoro kal ki baatein”… translated it means leave behind the words that describe yesterday as it has already passed. A hindi film song with a lovely message indeed. Its a new generation, a new time, and its time to bring in new hope and dreams too. Let the past be. lets move ahead with progressive thoughts. after all who’s really going to remember what you thought about in the past..the deeds that were done are remembered and the actions you do today to create the present and future are all that matter. 

I’m a bit surpried that I chose regional songs or non-english songs to write about but these are the ones that popped right up when i read about the theme. The most challenging post I’ve ever written but this is perhaps just the beginning. Bring it on I say!! 

Writing101 Day 2: A Room with a View!


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My parent’s front porch.

The winter sun has just risen in the eastern skies lighting it up a soft orange. It makes for a lovely contrast to all the verdant scenery around me. The smell of flowers and incense drifting in from the temple next door makes for a heady ambience to have a strong cup of spice infused tea. I sit sipping tea on the steps of my parents’ house in Imphal. Its only 8am but the whole village is already abuzz with activity. I can hear the neighbour calling out to her children scooting them into the auto-rickshaw(tuk-tuk) to get to school. The temple courtyard opposite the house is hurriedly getting occupied with fresh herbs and vegetables for the lunch feast in a couple of hours and the priest is ordering the young attendants to tread carefully as the ground has been rendered moist by last nights thunderstorm. I can hear the sound of shuttles flying across looms and the spinning of the wheel as my grandmother prepares yarn for weaving.

My mother can see me drift into a different realm and she nudges me out of my reverie. “Would you like to help your father? He’s trying to plant some beans in the vegetable garden.” Yes of course I would! He’s always full of funny stories and maybe someday I’ll write about his myriad & rich experiences. I wonder if he’d like that?

After that perhaps I will take out my pen and notepad for a quick scribble. Maybe I’ll finally finish the floral painting today or should I do some weaving on my grandmothers loom. Or perhaps I can go to the market and see what new woven designs have made their way this season. If I’m lucky I’ll get to do all of it for time here seems to flow at a pace where one can hear all the sounds, see all the sights, smell the divine and taste the incredible.

Writing101: Day 1. Time to unleash/unlock!



First day… first post… possibly… maybe. I might not be in the best state of mind these days thanks to the onset of hayfever which is making my world a very itchy place indeed.

Writing helps me express what I can’t do vocally. Sometimes too many thoughts cluster together making it hard to say much & I land up in tears as I’m overwhelmed. So I must write to vent, to rant or to opine. At times I try to have a logical argument but that too goes down with waterworks. At times I cry not because I’m upset or sad, I cry coz I can’t hold so much of anger. My head doesn’t allow anger beyond seething point. Sometimes I hear a familiar song or the weather is a certain way & I feel the urge to write. Smells play a big part in most of my writing. Smells can trigger vast seas of memories & once again I find myself putting own to paper. I’m enamoured by the nostalgia of my own memories. And so I write…

I hope I can keep up with the posts.

a dream or two…

Sometimes on days like these, when familiar scents are carried in by the breeze, a dream or two of the past reappear.

They show me that the future was really just a heartbeat away.

The unfulfilled ones dare me to dream them again.

The ones that came true bring back the unrefrained joyousness of the moment.

So i dream new ones on days like today and hope that in the near future I can say that I dared to dream a dream beyond myself.

A dream that will lead to more than just glory.

Laidhibi – the Manipuri doll

A very dear friend was having her baby shower and she asked us all the invitees to bring along something that represented their childhood instead of the usual baby gifts. It really made us all think deep and hard about our childhood and what really stood out in the memories. It was a happy jog down memory lane. The long afternoons spent making things and drawing or painting was the most prominent of them all. One of the things that really delighted me was the Manipuri doll. Every child in Manipur had one and most of the time, it was hand made by their mothers, sisters, etc. My older sister is tremendously gifted in the arts and crafts and I recollected how she used to make the dolls. Part memory and part online images of the dolls, I decided to go ahead and make this little doll that represented my best childhood memories. 
It wasn’t easy but as I moved along many little ideas and tips came back to me and it was really fun to bring this together. The materials for the dress was a bit hard to find so I had to improvise on the Potloi or skirt & the Innaphi or stole. 
Here’s my version of the Laidhi or doll.
 At this point I really didn’t know if I could make something close to the original Laidhi style
 Getting there!
Here it is! The Manipuri Laidhi…specially for my dear friend.
I do hope to make more soon.
With Love.

For A&N’s new arrival

Patchwork quilts have always fascinated me, more for the amount of time & effort it takes to create them so the idea of making one myself did seem a bit monumental in the beginning. But then again I really wanted to do something special for A&N’s new arrival, their first born. So in between looking after my 8 month old and the house in general, I managed to put together this little quilt. By the time it was done my little one was 10 months old and A&N’s little one only a few weeks away. We didn’t know the gender of the baby so I opted for neutral colours. 
The finishing isn’t as perfect as I’d have wanted it to be but I loved making it; loved putting together all the pieces, stitching them and putting in little blessings with the completion of every stage of the sewing. 
A&N’s little one arrived few days ago & I hope she feels the warmth every time she uses this little piece of love. 
 Piecing it together
 Got really stuck at this point!
Almost there!
Voila! Its done. 
With love & many blessings.

Drill, Krill..i feel ill…

Ban Krill Oil!!! 

Its shocking to see the amount of krill being fished in the Antarctic region. Watching Hugh’s Fish Fight last night I was sickened at the manner on which krill was being fished in the southern oceans. Scooped up by the millions, these tiny crustaceans form an integral and perhaps the most important part of the aquatic food chain. Whole ecosystems exist because of them and how foolish of the fishermen in charge of this to think that by fishing them for oil & fish-feed, we are introducing the world to a new form of potent medicine! They seem to have absolutely no insight or foresight to see the damage they are doing.

Its so warped! Buy the krill oil because you aren’t getting enough nutrition apparently so that the fish that survive on it die & maybe you’ll need more krill oil as you wont have fish left to eat as their stocks deplete from wasteful and over-fishing and lack of food. Oh yes the amount of money you spend on the krill oil will buy you a weeks’ worth of vegetables which will perhaps give you the nutrition anyways but what the heck. Consume the krill oil because it sounds so cool. Whale of a time you can have consuming it..woohooo! And we are already depleting fish stocks across the globe so lets just add another species to this list. 

First the Greedies up in the Arctic drill oil & down in the south pole they kill krill for oil! This slimy whole thing gives me such a sinking feeling 😦 Yes, this has really irked me and I urge people to stop buying krill oil…please pretty please. There’s plenty of food out there to consume that will give you the right kind of nutrition. Eat right & buy right! Imagine if the amount of money, energy and technology used in the fishing of krill had been used to create more sustainable forms of fishing… Imagine that! 

(The views expressed in this blog are solely and definitely all mine so dont go thinking up weird connections. For more info on Hugh’s fish fight, visit : 

hello there

Its been a while since I’ve had the time to post anything. Of course the brain is on overload mode now as there’s much waiting to be typed out & many little projects in waiting. but they will have to wait as yours truly grapples with the awesomeness of being a parent! 
Have a great day!